Stow-It Document Storage is a leading independent document storage specialist. This storage solution provides professional document management services which include, box and file collections, retrieval and delivery services, secure document storage, and shredding services. We serve customers across Grey & Bruce Counties, and Saugeen Shores area from highly secure and modern off-site document storage facilities.

We offer document storage solutions that are specific to each company’s requirements. We are committed to providing a customer-focused service, taking pride in developing and maintaining good communications and business relationships with our clients.

Investment in technology and our document storage facilities combined with the on-going training of staff members ensures the continual improvement of our services.

Drop off your documents and we will shred them for you!

Not a Stow-It customer? No problem!

We are happy to accept all documents for shredding.


  • All staff at Stow-It Storage are bound by confidentiality agreements to protect your information.
  • Our secure document storage facilities are monitored and linked to emergency services.
  • Comprehensive intruder detection includes motion sensors and contractors that monitor facilities at all times.
  • Managed access control system, networked across the site restricts entry to all premises and provides differing access rights for staff and visitors.
  • Smoke detectors constantly monitor the document storage facilities.
  • Temperature is constantly monitored in the document storage facilities.
  • Entrances and emergency exit points throughout the building have alarm contacts.
  • Extensive CCTV and security lighting, are installed on all facilities, which monitor the buildings for personnel or vehicle activity – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Personnel restrictions apply at all times. We welcome existing or prospective customers to visit our facilities, we insist that they are by appointment only.
  • Facilities are monitored by nationally recognized pest control specialists.


Document Storage

  • Outsourcing document storage can be a more cost-effective alternative to managing your archiving in self-storage facilities. Not only does Stow-It offer full Chain of Custody, but you pay only for the space that you require.
  • Free up your valuable office space. Boxes and files stored on your premises can often become an unidentified cost especially if they are infrequently accessed. By relocating your archiving to Stow-It, the valuable office space that you will gain can be put to more productive use.
  • Disaster recovery. Managed document storage can be considered to be an active step towards disaster recovery, since the risk is reduced by storing your vital company information securely with a specialized document storage company as Stow-It.
  • Reduce Health and Safety hazards. Boxes stored in your office may present a major Health & Safety risk if they block exits or create hazards. Additionally, if filing is not managed correctly, boxes can be overfilled making it difficult for your employees to retrieve items.

County wide collection & delivery

  • We provide countywide document storage solutions that are tailored to suit your specific requirements. We manage the entire lifecycle of your archiving, from the initial collection through to storage and retrieval, ending in secure destruction and recycling. Your documents will be stored in a climate controlled environment that is fully secure.
  • Secure delivery to various locations.

Box, file & document & indexing services

  • Research shows that professionals spend 5 to 15 percent of their time reading information, and up to 90 percent looking for it.

Box, file & document retrieval services

  • Stow-It provides a document retrieval service for the prompt physical delivery of your important documents. You can benefit from the peace of mind of having your documents professionally managed in our secure document storage facility, yet rapidly available on request.
  • Increase your employee productivity. Stow-It is responsible for locating, retrieving and delivering your information, thereby saving time and costs over on-site archive management.
  • Secure, yet rapidly available. Although your information is stored in one of our secure facilities, it is still easily available. Simply contact us and we will quickly and efficiently provide physical retrieval.

WASP barcode software ensures full traceability

  • Stow-It is strategic partners of WASP software, an industry leading barcode management system which provides a full audit trail for document activity, from the initial collection right through to the final destruction.

Secure & confidential document shredding services

  • You can specify destruction dates and we will notify you when your items can be securely destroyed. Following receipt of confirmation to proceed, your boxes are picked and prepared for destruction, prior to being securely shredded by Shred All.